Intro This is Daniel. Daniel is a UA Manger He is looking for new users
for his products
Convincing Presentation Daniel is looking for an user engagement flow! innovative But how? Native
Interaction Engagement &
Whiteboard Benefits This is where comes into play! Bondika's Native Chatbot Flows And there is more Create chatbot copy Use FB targeting capabilities Engage Audience & Convert User Make a Choice Our Unique Chat bot Flows Engage & Re-engage! 24/7 Auto A/B Testing Video Some Examples of our work Learn More Features Bondika's Native Chatbots Your User Acquisition Automate Now let's have a chat about it! Over 1.5,000,000 Users 80% open rates & 25% CTR 24/7 Engage & Convert It's Natural The way to interact New How does that sound? Get the Word out faster Increase your Conversion Rates Scale your Business
with your audience
Unlock Whitebord Daniel is happy with his Results Now it's your turn! Lets Chat!

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